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64 Chevy C10 LS 7 T56 Six Speed

1964 Chevy C10. An iconic truck for its era. Fast forward to 2014 and see a 1964 Chevy C10 with an LS 7 mounted in front of a Tremic T56 six speed., Wilwood six piston front calipers grabbing on to 13 inch front rotors. The rear nine inch sports four piston calipers pinching 12 inch rotors. Add to this a Roadster Shop Chassis, and it seems to us that this pick up is shaping up to be a kick ass truck!

But hey, you decide.

Danny and I started talking about this truck several years ago. He had taken it to another shop a decade ago where it was sitting idol covered in dust, dirt and overspray. The fresh paint job ruined before it was ever delivered.

The plan was to turn this truck into one that has many changes without compromising the stock look of the truck as it was constructed. We're going to make this truck look like the way it could have been delivered to us.

After blasting the old paint off we found a lot of filler over the rust holes. We removed the old rusted metal and replaced them with new steel. Now that the body is solid, the modifications have begun. -- Firewall, inner fenders, front fenders, front bumper, rear bumper, tailgate, and rear wheel opening.